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We love making custom orders and we welcome all custom orders. Whether you are a business or corporate company with a small or large team, whether you have a memorial for five hundred people or a birthday party of ten people let us know your thoughts and ideas and together we can come up with something beautiful to give your staff, customers, guests, family or friends that will make their hearts feel full and bring a smile to their faces.

Hearts of Hope are a wonderful way to acknowledge people, to bring comfort and hope to those who are struggling with physical or mental illness, those who are grieving or those who are missing a loved one or even a pet. They are also a wonderful way to bring joy to those who are celebrating something big or small.

Giving a Heart of Hope with a special message is a way of bringing people together, of bringing warmth and love into people’s lives and lets face it - everyone needs a bit of that!

Let us know the requirements for your custom order and we will be in touch shortly.