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Dear Ruth 
"I just want to thank you for not only my GORGEOUS order, which I am sure the recipients will love, BUT also for my special gift. I cannot thank you enough. Your words and gift brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing you do.  My special heart will remind me of your kindness and generosity each time I see it. Please always remember how very special you are"
Much Love Pauline


During the COVID-19 crisis when my own design business went into hibernation, as a way to stay creative and give back I began making these Hearts of Hope pendants which served as small gestures of appreciation to our hardworking frontline workers, the unsung heroes, who did so much during those tough times.

As more people heard about them, the cost to share these hearts grew. People wanted to purchase them to spread kindness in their own communities and so started selling them. This way, I could keep making them and others could spread the love too. Every purchase helps me make and gift more.

The pandemic may be over but people will always need acknowledgment and kindness and that's why I've kept going. To date I have been able to gift more than 20,000 of these little Hearts of Hope to people in Australia and all over the world thanks to the support and generosity of my wonderful community. The stories I have heard have - and continue - to touch my heart, humbling me every day.

Giving a Heart of Hope might seem simple but giving one to someone is a beautiful and meaningful gesture. It's a small but powerful sign of caring and kindness in a world that desperately needs it. I'm grateful and humbled to see how far and wide these little hearts have travelled and I will continue to gift them to those who need them as long as I can.

To me, each unique and beautiful heart I make is a reminder of our shared kindness. As they find new homes it is my hope that they will always serve as beacons of light and hope, reminding people they're not alone, they are acknowledged and they truly do matter. If you need a Heart of Hope please don't hesitate to reach out and I will gladly send you some.