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Art of Hope has received so much love over the years. Here are just a few which you can also see on our Facebook page HERE Most of our products also have genuine and verified buyer reviews for your peace of mind. 


"I personally want to thank you, the hearts that I ordered are absolutely beautiful. The one that I have given away so far, our support worker absolutely loved it. I plan on ordering quite a few more in the New Year. I did not know until I read a recent post of yours, that you donate hearts to those who need them. 7000 hearts donated is absolutely incredible, amazing, wonderful - I don’t have the right words to express how fantastic that is. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything that you do, giving a little hope to those that need it. Your kindness and compassion are just wonderful. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are!" CHERIE


"I ordered some hearts for my family and friends, they are absolutely gorgeous. The quality is top class and no 2 are the same, I can't wait to give them out at Christmas time. They arrived so fast as well.
Thanks so much they are amazing" KATHY
"I love my hearts! I bought 3 for my sister-in-laws and one for myself. We all share a bond that I hope will be forever. I'm so glad I chose the purple shades. They are sooooo lovely. They arrived very fast and are good quality" KYLIE
"Fast and efficient delivery. The personal service is amazing and suggestions are responded to. Looking forward to ordering more and gifting some of the new cards with hearts" WENDY
"Uniquely beautiful concept and exquisitely beautiful designs.
Extraordinary kindness from a very talented artist, all easily supported with affordably priced little gifts . Spreading kindness with precious little hearts is an absolutely joyful experience. Perfectly packed and posted, and suitable for young and old. Five stars and five hearts". ROISIN
"Thank you Ruthie I received my order. I love them all & will be gifting them with love appreciate the prompt service and beautiful way you have them packaged individually xo" CLAUDIA
"Ladies these are just gorgeous. Mine arrived this week and each one unique and amazing. Very happy with purchase, not too long delivery, great variety of colour, really delightful quality. And super helpful communication with Ruthie.
Girlfriends loved their gifts and choosing their favourite. Nothing not to love. ANNIE
"We purchased a bulk order for our seniors clients as a Christmas gift for the ladies instead of the usual biscuits and chocolate. They are really beautiful and it’s lovely that they are all different - something unique! Ruth was very prompt with our order and great in communicating. Highly recommended". CHERYL
"I received my 10 pink hearts just before we left for holidays on Friday . I can’t wait to give them to my friends and family for all their support when I went through my Breast Cancer Treatments.They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you" LYNDA
"The workmanship in these hearts is amazing and have just watched the video of how labour intensive they are. My colleagues at Coles all love theirs ....
Thank you" SUE
"Thank you Ruthie for your incredible generosity. Your donation of Hearts of Hope to our Covid ward is so much appreciated by all of us and we wear them with pride on our scrubs" LYNETTE
"Hearts of Hope is exactly what was needed to connect loved ones who were separated during the lock down.
Ruth because of your kindness and generosity we were able to connect many families and friends with pairing the Hearts of Hope.
Thank you for being such an amazing support to the many initiatives Viralkindness Northern Beaches Sydney have supported.
Bringing hope and comfort to those who really needed it through Covid.
The Hearts are beautifully made with a strong message behind them. You are truly a very talented lady who has a heart of gold. Thank you xx" RABIA